The Prophetic Family

A Family From All Nations​

Our prophetic family is not limited by location. We have teamed up, using the internet, to be able to help people everywhere. You are NOT required to be a prophet in order to join us. We believe that all spirit filled Christians can learn to operate in the gift of prophecy. 

The one thing we do ask is that you be able to speak English. That is simply because we do not speak any other languages. However, if you are bilingual, we encourage you to learn from us and then consider duplicating another prophetic family in your own nation of your own native tongue. The more prophetic families, the better!

Growing Together

We practice the prophetic together. We get on Zoom meetings together regularly and practice the spiritual gifts, predominantly the revelatory gifts (gift of prophecy, words of wisdom, words of knowledge).

We encourage one another, exhort and edify one another. We provide a safe place to learn about and grow in the prophetic.

Making an Impact

We also use our gifts to help people and make a positive impact on the world. Here is an example of just one way that we do this. From one of the prophets at Look Again and See:

God has been speaking to me since around February 2020 giving me very particular direction that He wants our help with. He has been telling me that His heart is for justice. He wants us to start helping with solving crimes in the world. To help the police, even where they are unable to be helped through normal means. To help find missing children. To help bring justice to the family’s of missing and murdered persons with unsolved cases. To help people find missing items.

Anyone who has been keeping up with the news in America knows that since after May, the American public and police relationship has become somewhat unstable. God wants to invade this and fix it. He wants to bring light to the darkness. And the beginning of this light and change I see as two fold: 1) Helping encourage and prophesy to the police officers. They must individually be encouraged and called into the great destiny that God has for them, and 2) Helping to solve crimes. We do the second together, as a group. We either bring these questions up at our Zoom meetings and let everyone seek an answer from God, or we send out the question in our Prophetic Family newsletter along with how to submit your answers.

Prophetic Family Meetings on Zoom

We hold these meetings twice per month. Days and times to be announced.

All meetings are based off of central Texas time zone (Central Standard Time). Lookup Austin, Texas time and convert it to your location for your proper time.

There are at least one or two hosts, that are usually prophets, helping to guide the meetings.

These meetings are designed to be interactive. You will be teamed up with a variety of people throughout the meeting to get to practice giving and receiving prophetic words. If you are seeking our Prophetic Ministry meetings, which are where you simply come just to receive ministry, then please go to our Prophetic Ministry page.