Prophetic Ministry​

Here, through Prophetic Ministry, the Prophet encourages and edifies people, through the gift of prophecy. We are here to build you up in love. We are not here to call out sin, or to condemn you.

We regularly host events on Zoom where you can receive ministry. We have prophet(s) that will come on and give you personal prophecies.

Please review the rules below before signing up for any meetings.

You may also be able to host a meeting for custom groups. See details below.

Custom Group Ministry

Sometimes groups of friends like to gather and host a prophetic meeting. Everyone attending can receive a divine word of encouragement. We are open to church groups, home groups, groups of friends throwing a prophetic party, work groups, school groups, and more.

If your group is interested in this, please contact us to schedule it.

The Registration Rules for Online Prophetic Ministry Meetings

So that everyone can be on the same page, here are the rules for all of the online meetings.

  • One registration per email address please! If a second person wishes to attend and get a word separately, they will need to register from their own name and email address.
  • There is a usually maximum of 20 participating devices per online meeting. Each device will allow for a married couple, or a family of up to 5 to receive a word of prophecy. If you come as a group, you will receive ministry as a group. If you want your own individual word apart from the group, then you will need to register separately and use a separate device and separate email address.
  • Registration information is sent out via our Newsletter, or on the Events page. For the newsletter, you can sign up for this on the home page of this website.
  • Upcoming dates are posted on our Events calendar, as well as sent out via newsletter.
  • IF YOU SIMPLY WANT TO OBSERVE THE MEETING (and not receive a word): This can be arranged. We know that there are some that come to simply watch and learn. We allow that, as that is the direction our ministry is heading. Contact us if that is the case with you.
  • Generally, we ask that you only receive a word in one public online prophecy meeting with us per every 3 months. We ask this because the demand is quite high, and we want everyone to have an opportunity to receive ministry. This does not apply to our Prophetic Family meetings.

During The Meeting Rules for Prophetic Ministry Meetings

So that everyone can be on the same page, here are the rules for all of the online meetings.

  • BE ON TIME for the meeting. We allow a 10 minute grace period. If you are not at the meeting on time, we do not guarantee that you will be ministered to.
  • These meetings are designed for our prophet(s) to give out words. They are mostly designed for you to receive. If you are interested in more interactive meetings where you can practice giving out prophetic words also, check out our “Prophetic Family” section.
  • Prophets are NOT psychics. They operate differently. You don’t usually bring your list of questions to them. You come to the meeting, and whatever God speaks to them is what they relay to you.
  • Everyone sharing a device should get ministered to at the same time/in succession. This makes it easier when editing the recordings.
  • KEEP YOUR MICROPHONE MUTED during the meeting, unless you are actively speaking. We record these meetings, and every time you speak over someone else (or your dog barks), it could cause issues with the recording.
  • The overseer of these meetings has authority to make final decisions.
  • If you become disruptive or cause issues with the meeting, we reserve the right to kick you out of the meeting. (We rarely have to do this.)
  • We do take an offering during the meeting for our ministers. The links to donate will be posted.
  • Please do not talk a lot (chatting in the chat box is ok) during the meeting. These meetings often last over 3 hours long. People slowing the meeting down by talking for a long time causes other people to have to wait even longer to receive a word.
  • After your word, you are encouraged to stay online for the entire meeting. However, if you have other obligations, we understand this. But sticking around and observing other people helps you better understand how God talks to people.
  • We end the meetings promptly after everyone is ministered to. Our prophet(s) has/have been online for hours usually, and need(s) a break.

Recordings - NEW SYSTEM. READ CAREFULLY!! Starting October 2020

  • To get your prophetic word recorded, we have changed how we do things. Since we are now using Zoom, this allows us to drastically reduce the amount of work on our part.
  • If you want a recording of your prophetic word, you can attend the Zoom meeting from a computer (not mobile device). You are able to click the “Record” button and record either the entire meeting, or just record it during your word. The recording will save to your local computer. If you do not record your words, you will not receive them. Our intention is to quit having to do so much extra work when it is simple for everyone to obtain their own word, saving us many hours of work every month.
  • You could even use a camera or cell phone to video record the screen during the time you are receiving a word.
  • If you do not have access to a computer, we will make one of our meetings every few months where we still process the recordings. That way you are able to attend from a mobile device and still get a copy of your recording. These meetings will be labeled “Mobile-Device Friendly.”