Quiet Time

Date Time With God

Years ago I began to have the thought to write stirring in my heart. Today I am taking my first step in this journey. This is the day I am starting to take a chance.
In the calm of God’s presence, I have experienced most of my healing, deliverance, and growth in my relationship with God and my Lord Jesus Christ. Learning how to pour out my heart to Him while writing my thoughts in my journal with my Bible open, and learning how to listen to His responses to my prayers opened up a whole new world. I realized that God is really listening to me and wanted to have a dialogue with me as I opened up to Him. 
I spent the first 15 years of my Christian walk leaning on a few people to help me through rough times mentally and emotionally. One day a pastor asked me how I spent my time with God, and had I learned to commune with God rather than just read the bible to learn something. He also introduced me to George Mueller- a man of prayer who housed and fed thousands of orphans by prayer alone back in the 1800s. Mueller said something that changed the way I looked at prayer. He said that when he got up every morning, he simply starting reading God’s Word to listen to get in tune with God’s voice, then God would  lead him through scripture and guide him to pray over people and situations in light of those promises. His confidence to pray until the prayer was answered came from knowing God had told him what promise to pray for that person or situation. 
Reading to listen not just to learn became my focus in my quiet time with God, my Father. Reading God’s Word to listen not just to learn intrigued me, and so began my quest to learn how to listen to God in my time alone with Him. 
I began to carve out time three days a week when our youngest child went to nursery school. I wrote down on my calendar “Date time with God” which later became “Sowing Seeds”. Although I did wake up each day to spend time in God’s Word and in prayer, these three days provided two hours of uninterrupted time with my Father. Prayer went from a monologue to a dialogue where I was sharing hearts with the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and I didn’t want my time with Him to end. This was truly a new beginning for me as I transitioned from being a codependent person on the people closest to me to being able to develop healthy interdependent  relationships with others. 
My heart in this writing is to share lessons learned in these quiet moments with God, and pray that you will be inspired to enter into His presence with joy and confidence that He hears you and longs to have a dialogue with you as well. You are precious to Him. Your life will be transformed as you spend time in the calm of His presence.